Big Don's Kosher Style Dill Pickles


Always use local, fresh, crisp dill cukes. Wash and cut off flower end.

In a jar place a handful of dill weed, several peeled and cut cloves of fresh garlic, a piece of horseradish leaf or grape leaves (if available) and firmly pack with cukes to collar of jar. Pack so that the cukes will stay under the brine.


Bring to a boil:

  1. Bullet16 cups water

  2. Bullet1 cup 5% white vinegar

  3. Bullet3/4 cup pickling salt

  4. Bullet1/2 teaspoon alum

Fill packed jars with the boiling brine to cover the cukes and allow for absorption.

Place lid on jar loosely and allow jar to cool overnight.

Next day remove lid, and if necessary top up with cold brine. Cukes must always be covered with brine.

Wipe jar and lid and screw down cover but leave so that while they are fermenting the gas

can escape. Place jars in a box and store at room temperature for 3 weeks. Then check jars and screw down lid down firmly.

Note: the jars will become cloudy in 1 to 2 days and produce sediment that may settle

to the bottom or on the cukes.

The pickles may be eaten within a few days – they are called half done or after 3 weeks when they are fully fermented.  The brine from the pickles can be used for flavouring in salad dressings, potato salad or to sipped to settle upset stomachs.


– Don