Big Don


“Big Don”, also known as Don Schultz, got his first taste of pickling growing up on a farm just outside Bruderheim, Alberta. Each summer on the farm, Don and his family canned forty quarts of every vegetable they grew.

He continued his foray into the art of pickling in the early seventies with his late wife's aunt, best known as “Auntie K.O.” Auntie brought all her original recipes from the old country and some are the basis of Don's recipes today.

He got his start in the pickle business as a way of raising funds for the annual South Arm United Church Fall Fair; he still donates all the profits from his booth to them every year.

To make your own pickles, see The Recipe.

If you would like to get in touch with Don, send him an email.

Don now lives in Thailand, and has retired from the pickling business.


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